About The Farms

Fisheye Farms utilizes all natural and sustainable growing practices to ensure the most delicious produce is being grown. Our intensively cultivated crops are sold to restaurants, farmers' markets, and neighbors.

In April 2015, Fisheye Farms broke ground on our first site in the West Village thanks to family in the neighboring Kimbrough Dry Cleaners. We had a successful first year that led to the purchase of land in Pontiac to expand our project in 2016. Realizing that we need a large space to truly become the farm we envision, the Fisheye Farms team worked very hard to purchase nine vacant properties from the City of Detroit in Core City. This .89 acre farm will be coming Summer 2018!

You can try our amazing produce for yourself by visiting:

Selden Standard

Otus Supply


Rose's Fine Foods

Guerilla Food's Pink Flamingo

The Farmer's Hand (Grocery Store)

Brooklyn Street Local

Gold Cash Gold